airport pilot beech 1900


Space and aviation always had my highest interest; I got to fulfill my childhood dream of being an aviator and experience our beautiful planet from above. Today, I am an aspiring artist and armchair philosopher on a quest to add a positive contribution to the human experience by utilizing creative coding, visualizations and interactive Installations. I love multidisciplinary projects and am deeply fascinated about subjects that intersect with philosophy, art and technology.

Visualizations, concepts and installations displayed on this site are for different commission based and personal purposes.

Happy to connect via social media (icons below) or email me to say or my profile at Mastodon.

Favorite tools and platforms: Arduino, Blender 3d, Inkscape, Photoshop, Processing (Java),  Unity3d (C#).

Some of the code projects can be downloaded on my Github repository.



What I am working on now:

    • Build an interactive installation with Arduino and Unity3d.
    • Writing creative code with Processing.
    • Creating 3d renders and concepts for different organizations.
    • Free Haven Collective
    • Teaching in and hosting of a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator.