show prototype of a spaceship docking simulator

Recycled Tools

A list of practicle tools made from scrap parts. These small projects didn’t warrant a separate page so I decided […]

show prototype of a spaceship docking simulator

Spaceship Module Simulator

I am building a prototype of a spaceship module. The goal is to have a single device that houses all […]

Overspeeding turned retro racing.

Our neighborhood has a maximum speed limit of 20 km/hr which unfortunately, is not enforced. Pedestrians and kids playing, while […]


I committed to a ‘one hundred push-ups every single day for 30 days’ challenge. To help me accomplish this, I […]

social credit system


A modern tale about life in a digitally controlled conformist society in a not too distant future. Freehaven Collective (https://freehavencollective.com/). […]