Spaceship Module Simulator

I am building a prototype of a spaceship module. The goal is to have a single device that houses all the necessary hardware. There will be buttons and switches and possibly a joystick to control thrusters. The software will be written in Unity3d and activities include docking, asteroid mining and clearing space debris.

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Overspeeding turned retro racing.

Our neighborhood has a maximum speed limit of 20 km/hr which unfortunately, is not enforced. Pedestrians and kids playing, while having right of way, are often ignored.So I’m building an outdoor installation that will be selectively used in urban traffic environments where over-speeding is rampant. A webcam image is transformed into a retro…

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I committed to a ‘one hundred push-ups every single day for 30 days’ challenge. To help me accomplish this, I created this checkbox table to mark each accomplishment (on a printout) and in the process decided to animate it. Written in Processing code:

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A modern tale about life in a digitally controlled conformist society in a not too distant future. Freehaven Collective ( Artist/scenarist.

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Critical Observation (concept)

Exploring another way of storytelling; the user will literally walk through the story by visiting subsequent screens each representing a person, location or an event. And because the environment will be dimmed, you will have to find the next screen to visit by the light it emits in the otherwise dark room.”Your journalist…

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Generative studies with Processing. Each time this page is refreshed, a new pattern is created. Exercise with different hatching pattern within subdivided rectangles.I think it took me longer to write a script for the hatching than the script for subdivision of rectangles.The rectangles are stored in arrays (x,y,size). The hatching script is using…

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Tensor Sympathy

Working prototype that allows to communicate via the Tensor Tympani (a muscle in the human inner ear) and a vibration sensor connected to a pc. The installation questions the role we attach to our senses taken for granted. We use our eyes for seeing, our ears for hearing, our skin to feel. But,…

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Asteroid Mining

How could a commercial asteroid mining operation look like?I am deeply fascinated by space technology and exploration so I spent some time reading about mining in space and it could benefit us all. On another note, it’s amazing what can be done using a Voronoi diagram, in this case as a texture deforming…

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In a fantasy, I imagine how a gateway orbiting our moon could look like. On board there may be crew compartments, laboratories, a Long Range radio transmitter/receiver, science station, mined sample storage, transfer facilities and whatnot.

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A panoramic render I created for Made of Mars inc. Made of Mars Inc is a research, outreach and design company that will lead the public to the journey to space by developing the technology to build everything we need to survive and thrive in Space from the materials we can find beyond…

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Animata II

Next iteration of the Animata interactive installation. Place a drawing in the left box, then push the hand on the right of the screen. An animation starts and in the end, the drawing will appear under a shower of colorful elements while a drink is being served under the screen.  

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‘Animata’ is an interactive drink dispenser, built for Aminata Organics . Fun project, using Arduino , Unity3d and a hacked Apple mouse. Animata will be used on markets, fairs etc to entertain visitors and serve a drink. A hacked optical mouse is connected to a pc. The pc is rendering the animation and…

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Moon Flowerpot

This flowerpot was designed for the ESA (European Space Agency) call for ideas to 3d print on the Moon. The base pot, irrigation bowl and cover can be made out of 3d printed lunar regolith or basalt. Inside is a supportive feeder tube that carries the weight of the bowl and cover. The…

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‘Antigoon’ is an AR experience about the legendary giant wandering around the statue of his arch enemy Silvius Brabo. The motion file originates from the extensive library of mocap files of the Carnegie Mellon University Tools I used: Unity3d, ArCore and Blender3d.  

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Critical Observation

‘Critical Observation’ is a ‘serious game’ about paradigms, ethics and self reflection against the backdrop of a conflict zone. Designed for use in a secondary educational curriculum and will be build for the Oculus Go platform (Virtual Reality). Images here are taken from the environment prototype that we used to test our concept.The…

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Airspace Explorer

Prototyping an AR airspace visualization tool (running on Android smartphones). The sky can be pretty complex from an aviation point of view. Restricted zones around airports, military installations and airspace and air traffic control areas are just a few of the many properties of navigational charts used by pilots. To help make sense…

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